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Stubborn Soda’s Classic Root Beer Review

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This tasty little guy is more of a birch beer than a root beer, but that’s all right because I like birch beer. It’s somewhat of a cross between them, with the minty/licorice-y taste of birch, and a subtle root-beer-esque molasses/brown sugar note on the back. And none of the weird aftertaste that plagues so many independent-brand root beers.

Would I buy it again? Yes


One thought on “Stubborn Soda’s Classic Root Beer Review

  1. The classic root beer is similar to the cheap, generic brand that comes in a large plastic bottle for 99 cents. The caramel color & lack of herbs should have been the tipoff.
    To avoid the high fructose corn syrup majority of pops at Lunds & Byerly’s in St. Paul that only come in 6- packs, gave it a shot.
    Rather than the $1.79 I paid, would much rather pay $1.99 at Whole Foods for a great-tasting root beer loaded with herbs. Would it be that much trouble for you to do the same?


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