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Abita Root Beer Review

Not terrible, but disappointing. Both because I think it’s too sweet with kind of a slight medicinal flavor, but also because when I ordered the draft root beer at Shake Shack I thought it’d come in a frosty mug like A&W and not just a regular old cup. Why was this more expensive than a Coke?

Would I buy it again? No


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RC Cola Review

When I was a kid, RC Cola for whatever reason was considered bottom-of-the-barrel generic-brand garbage soda. I believe we referred to it as “Really Crappy.” On a trip to North Carolina, a few of the restaurants offered RC Cola on tap, so I reluctantly gave it another shot. I don’t know if it’s changed or I have or both, but it’s actually pretty good. In fact it’s better than Pepsi.

Would I buy it again? Yes when offered, but if I’m at the grocery store, I’d still get Coke every time I want a cola